1. Talisman

From the recording Talisman


Years ago as a young girl, she remembers where and when
mysteries were all around her, so she gathered some of them
when she woke to see the rain fall, dancing on her window sill
she found a little silver bottle, and held it out so it would fill
- with the rain
When the day becomes madness, and troubles start to crowdin' in
something to drive away sadness, before it ever could begin
she keeps it in secret place where, little treasures she has gained
are hidden from a world so unfair, with her bottle of rain
-bottle of rain
Through the trials and phases, when it's going from good to bad
a Talisman for the ages, the little bottle she's always had
She shared a life with someone where, together they worked on a dream
between the love were some lies there, things aren't always what they seem
he left without a word spoken, later she'd understand
that she was hurt but never broken, as long as she held in her hand
-her bottle of rain